Product Development

We make your product concepts become a reality. We have designed many products, and can be employed at any stage of the development process. We have thorough knowledge of the industry and take it all into consideration at each stage.

We employ an integrated design process that produces a better product and saves you time and money not only up front, but also in the long run.

Knowledge is power to the consumer. With increased awareness of how ones self contributes to the demise of the environment, the development of eco friendly products is not only essential to regulation but also consumer perception. We keep this in mind when developing so that a balance is met between product efficacy and environmental responsibility.

We have a Developmental Laboratory specialised in:

  • Providing a professional service delivering robust and modern products that create opportunity.
  • Developing innovative and cost effective solutions for your business.
  • Streamlining the product development process.
  • Understanding your needs. When do you want to start enjoying the benefits of your investment?

We offer the following services at each stage of the development process:


We have had experience developing the following products:

Household Chemicals:

Cleaning products, air fresheners, laundry products, household insecticides & repellents, aerosols, car care and many more.


Personal Care:

Deodorants, creams & lotions, sports massage creams, insect repellents, toiletries and more.



Weed killers, moss & mould & algae controllers, folio fertilisers, insecticides, herbicides, growth regulators, wetting agents and agricultural disinfectants.



Timber treatment chemicals, fire-fighting chemicals, water treatment chemicals, food sanitation and CIP chemicals, graffiti cleaners and historical building restoration chemicals.


Come and challenge us with you idea, please contact us to discuss your project!

For further information, please contact:
Lee Nicholls
(09) 571 2444 ext 4

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