Regulatory Approval

We understand that getting your products to market can be a tough process. With our help you can be assured your product meets approval with minimal hassle during development. We have Regulatory Approval Personnel who deal intimately with:

MPI = Ministry of Primary Industries
NZFSA = New Zealand Food Safety Authority

ACVM = Agricultural Compounds & Veterinary Medicines Group
EPA = Environmental Protection Authority

This allows us to provide the following services for our clients:

1. EPA(under the Hazardous Substances Act) Approvals: To obtain approval numbers and substance classifications.

  • Advice on the status of a substance (HS6)
  • Application for approval to import of manufacture any hazardous substance for release. 
  • HS1 Full Approval
  • HS2/1 Rapid Low Hazard Approval
  • HS2/2 Rapid Similar Approval
  • Any other approval required

2. Class Determination – NZFSA (ACVM) 

To establish whether a product requires registration or is exempt from registration. 

3. Product Registration – NZFSA(ACVM) 

To obtain registration approval, which requires the compilation of documentation, such as:

  • Application Forms – Registration & Product Data Sheets (PDS)
  • Chemistry & Manufacturing Volume
  • Label ACVM & EPA compliant
  • Efficacy data, Volume
  • Crop or Animal Safety Volume
  • Residue Data Volume
  • Obtain an External Data Assessment (DAS) approval

4. Maintenance Compound Approval, Dairy & Non-Dairy-NZFSA

Approval of products used on or in the proximity of food surfaces such as: detergents, cleaning compounds, disinfectants, sanitisers, pesticide aerosols & lubricants etc.

5. MSDS/SDS – Compile safety datasheets as required.

We look forward to working with you to ensure your products get to market.

For further information, please contact:
Gillian Nicholson
(09) 571 2444 ext 3

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