Our Staff

Bill Grayson

Bill has 40 years experience in the New Zealand chemical industry. Bill has owned and managed successful laboratories which provided services in the fields of chemistry, environmental chemistry, geochemistry, timber chemistry, microbiology, food safety, quality systems, laboratory management, failure analysis and product development. Bill was one of the founding members of Brothers In Arms, an at risk youth mentoring organisation in Auckland, and is frequently seen taking the boy's out for a sneaky fish on the Waitemata.

Matthew Keesing

Managing Director
Materials Science

Matthew comes from a background in analytical chemistry giving him a strong understanding of test methods, techniques and their limitations which has led him to approach his investigations in a thorough and consistent manner. Matthew has experience in both onsite investigation and technical reviews allowing him to compile evidence based reports also appropriate for litigation. Outside of work Matthew is an avid reader and music enthusiast.

Lee Nicholls

Consultant Chemist
Product development

Lee has spent the last 20 years working in various roles across the manufacturing spectrum from hands on production, through product development, to factory management, in fields as diverse as precious metals, timber preservatives, and personal care. 

As a result, Lee brings a wealth of experience in all aspects of the product development process, from concept and research through trialling, all the way to streamlining manufacturing processes.

When Lee is not working he enjoys relaxing at home, playing the piano, walking the dog, and spending quality time with his daughter.

Daniel Carleton

Consultant Chemist
Product development

Daniels experience as a synthetic chemist has allowed him to develop strong problem solving skills and have up to date knowledge in both product development and material science. He is a keen researcher and is very knowledgeable in utilising the latest technology to get the task done. Outside the office you are likely to encounter Daniel on a stage during one of his bands many performances.

Scott Smith

Consultant Chemist

Scott is head of our Regulatory Affairs and Approval Department. Scott has 30 years experience as a commercial analytical chemist,  including 5 years as a formulations chemist and 8 years as a method validation chemist,  making him an invaluable member of the Grayson Wagner team.
As head of Regulatory Affairs and Approval, Scott provides professional assistance with Hazard Classifications for EPA approvals, ACVM and MPI approvals, compilation of Material Safety Data Sheets, and label requirements.
Scott is an avid chess player, keen reader, and analyst of the philosophical impacts of modern entertainment through music, movies, and television. He is also a proud All Blacks supporter.

Paul Donnell

Chartered Accountant
Paul is our in-house accountant and office manager. He has worked as a chartered accountant for over 35 years and is able to assist in all account queries. Paul is a Soccer and Cricket fanatic and generously donates his time to manage the Mount Albert Grammar 1st XI Cricket team.
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